Hospital at a slope
Rudolstadt, Germany

We projected an energy efficient compact building, with a basement plus three upper floors. This hospital hosts approximately 300 beds, and it is organised its bedrooms, elevators, stairs and offices are surrounding two big atriums, that iluminate stances and corridors, one open-air and one covered by a glass roof.

Concept Study
New ways of living

The way we live will be more and more changed in the future, due to the ever-increasing globalization and the potential of new communication media.
Our proposal for a temporary living system responds to the individual needs of people who have to spend much time living away form their real home. The proposed living spaces are playable. Newest technical developments are - as intelligent components - integrated into the building. Due to movable walls and floors, the spaces can vary in shape and size regarding to the individual needs of the users.

Mobile Passivehouse
Prototype, Berlin

By using a mountable design system this house can be built in any place, whether temporarily for a transitional period or longer. The entire building is made in modules manufactured and is therefore easily portable and can vary to be extended. The use can be for example as an office or as a house with roof terrace. Through the use of renewable energies such us photovoltaic and wind power generators, recovery of rainwater and a dual-chamber dry toilet system, the Mobile Passive House can be allocated almost everywhere. It supports to establish a more flexible real estate use.

Custom-Made Duplex Apartment Building
Low-energy-house at Berlin-Prenzlauer Berg

The building contains ten apartments and two shops which are to be individually custom-tailored for its inhabitants. Each apartment spreads over two floors, has two terraces and attracts with its open spaces as well as with attractive views and daylight from two directions. The major living areas are highlighted by double room heights.

Passivehouse for two families

In this house for two families, all building components are energetically optimized. Direct and diffuse solar radiation are equally used as geothermal and waste heat. For the maximization of solar energy transparent thermal insulation is built into the external walls. The light is penetrating into the pannels inside of a black wall surface that converted it into heat. Instead of a conventional heating system there are a heat pump and geothermal heating collectors. The heat exchanger of the ventilation system allows heat recovery.

Navigable floating house
Spree River, Berlin

A barge is used as a platform for this new form of housing. A floating and movable dwelling created in the low-energy-house standard. To enjoy the best possible environment, the floating house is almost equipped completely with a highly insulating triple-glazing. All glasses are electrochromatically switchable from transparent to opaque. This ensures optimum of visibility and sun protection.

Four-meter-wide single-family house

The project is located in a thin lot, which was cosiderered unbuildable for a house. The measurements of the house are: 4 meters width, 18 meters long and 6 meters height. The house for this family of 5 persons was produced in highly insulated and heat-storing massive construction. Since the lot is very small, the entire roof serves as a terrace garden.

Lakeside Villa
Dämeritzsee near Berlin

Interior design, garden design and energetic optimization

The extensive assignment involved the entire interior and exterior design -from idea conception to completion.The villa with 25 rooms and five bathrooms, was equipped with high-quality materials and built-in-furniture for most of the rooms; 22 custom furniture pieces designed by us, multi-room audio in all living areas, EIB bus system to control the entire building including an iPhone interface to operate all functions from outside, underground parking within the building for three cars, elevator and handicapped accessible a to all three floors

Transformation of a former locomotive shed into a community center in passivehouse standard, Berlin

A concept study for the refurbishment of a disused rail shed in a proposed new public park. The old works building was to be converted to a multiple use community space. Our proposal included spaces for arts, performance and public forums. It also included a strong element of visible and meningful public access with a green belt connecting the different functional areas.


Coffehouse and Music Bar at Berlin-Friedrichshain

Conversion of a former retail store. In three rooms it also hosts readings, exhibitions and other events.

The street facade has been completely redesigned and equipped with large vertically openable windows. Its lower part can be used for seating from inside and outside.

"Urban living"
Three storey rooftop apartment with roof garden, Berlin-Friedenau

The lowest level contains private rooms like bedrooms and child rooms. The broad living area is located at the middle level and is an open space with almost no walls and daylilght from three directions. The top level consists of the 70-square-meter roof garden with a fountain, sun deck and shady plants. All areas, rooms sizes, materials, etc. have been adapted and 'custom tailored' to the individual needs of the residents. The use of the sustainable materials, such as clay walls and ceilings, ensures a pleasant indoor climate all year round.

"Flying red carpet"
Apartment transformation and modernization at Berlin-Charlottenburg

The main characteristic of this dwelling is the multi-use of the rooms, where comfort is married to practicality. An installation called 'flying red carpet' forms a landscape with an integrated bed, heated stone surfaces and steam bath. If necessary the bed shutters can be closed and the bedroom becomes a relaxing wellness room.
Red areas occupied with Bisazza glass mosaic tiles establish the formative concept and populate all areas in this apartment interior fit out.

Mainbrücke Ost
Frankfurt a. M.

From the North and South of the Main, we lean two arcs against each other and carry the new connection between the eastern dock and the city. From the flowing form of the arcs and the spectacular reduced connection point in the center, a new skulptural icon would join the Frankfurt skyline. This effect would be substantially accentuated with the use of the integrated lighting of the arches.

Temporary Art Hall in passive house standard at Schlossplatz, Berlin

Concept study in collaboration with Rabea Welte

Conceptually, this scheme minimalistic form proposed the creation of a simple white Cube in the cultural landscape of the Museum Island in central Berlin. With the utilisation of a grand stairs we wanted to communicate the connection with the broad public space in front and the Art Hall. The Project then becomes a stage for various public activities. The temporary nature of the project means it was concieved with the possibility of being reconstructed in various locations.

Art exhibition "Fraktale IV" in the former Palace of the Republic at Schlossplatz Berlin

Planning and consultance

Placed within the empty shell of the former East German goverment building, 25 artist exposed works that approach to the phenomenon of Death.

The scheleton and facades of the former Palace of the Recublic where an impressive scenary for the exhibited objects, strongly intesifying the delicate topic of death.

"White Cube"in the former Palace of the Republic at Schlossplatz Berlin

Planning and consultance

This exhibition of contemporary art was the last use before demolition of the palace. The title of the exhibition "36 x 27 x 10" is derived from the dimensions of the White Cube located in the heart of the builiding. Artist such as John Bock, Monica Bonvicini, Thomas Demand, Olafur Eliasson, Jeppe Hein, Olaf Nicolai, Thomas Scheibitz and Christoph Schlingensief where exhibiting.

Einstein citations at the Federal Chancellery and 32 other prestigious buildings in several german cities

Implementation planning and coordination

As part of Germany's Einstein Year 2005, applications of quotes were done on 33 public buildings in Berlin and other german cities. In unexpected locations, residents and visitors of Berlin were surprised by Albert Einstein’s intelligent sayings.

Transformation of the sphere of the Berlin TV tower into a football

Concept plan and technical planning for the realization

For several months during the World Cup in 2006, the Television Tower on the Alexanderplatz in old East Berlin took on a new appearance. Thousands of individual parts were applied in the external skin of the tower, creating pentagons, hexagons and also seems, so that it appeared like a giant soccer ball.

Urban design for a city square at Hamburg

The objetive of this project is to renovate and order the public space. For thus, we create a strict grid that that allows us to play with the new rectangular spaces arised. Some of them remain empty respecting the functional needs of the pedestrians, bicycles and car ways. Others are filled with different situations: green areas with flowers, big wooden benches or water sheets, creating a multi-use amusement area in the middle of the city.

Transformation of a former socialist prefab house at Berlin

Transformation of an empty east german prefab house WBS 70 into high-quality apartments and offices. Most apartments and offices spread over two or three levels. Entrance corridors are thus needed only every three floors.